The Dream Book of Self-Knowledge

Blossoming, blossom

  • blossoming trees bearing edible fruit: hope; other blossoming trees symbolize joy.
  • blossoming strawberries: hope for future love.
  • flower and fruit of fig tree: a clear sexual symbol.
  • shape can bear meaning for other blossoms: if the dreamer notices in the shapes of blossoms and their parts the male or female genitalia (e.g. orchids), the emotional experience is immediately reduced to the instinctual level (otherwise see the individual shape or individual flowers).
  • objects in the shape of a blossom: the transformation of their essence from the instinctual to emotional level.
  • flower bud: in addition to clear emotional content, it entails a "spiritual essence;" other symbols or images of the spiritual level therefore often appear in dreams with buds.
  • a tree heavy with fruit is also in blossom: one of the strongest symbols of a deserved reward for accomplished self-improvement work.
  • a blossom can be the symbol of a blossoming of the personality for future successful work on one's self-improvement.
  • a blossom can be a symbol of a pristine virgin (e.g. Kore in Greek mythology*14).
  • a blossom of flowers with only rhizomes, cuttings or spores symbolizes the culmination of the growth process, while a blossom with flowers spreading seeds symbolizes the final phase of the process; such a blossom is then similar to a tree blossom and the flower's seed is similar to its fruit.
  • miraculously healing flower pollen: relates to the spiritual level of the consciousness and has a beneficial effect on the dreamer's mind since through forgiveness it overcomes the body's illness caused by the inexorable Law of Karma*34; sometimes flower pollen can even heal the cause of the illness before the consequence occurs, i.e. it can heal a real illness of the physical body.
  • see Flowers and see Bouquet.