The Dream Book of Self-Knowledge


  • relates to everything that is hidden from everyday consciousness beneath the threshold of awareness; tree roots relate to life itself or to emotional attachment.
  • of medicinal plants: see Herbs.
  • individual: a mystery concerning the dreamer's life and can be a key to knowledge.
  • emerging from beneath the earth: still unconscious impulses entering the dreamer's consciousness.
  • roots of trees in water: a period full of emotion is upon the dreamer; this period does not necessarily have to be as positive as it may first appear.
  • an uprooted tree with the roots: death (usually within 9 months) in the dreamer's surroundings; we can easily recognize the emotional consequences of the death on those surviving the deceased based on the damage caused by the fallen tree.
  • the dreamer pulls a tree root from the ground: breaking the attachment of those pulling the tree to people of the place the tree is uprooted (in this case it does not necessarily mean a conventional death).
  • enabling the tree to take root again: in his action the dreamer enables someone he knows to build a life on a new foundation, to grow in a different environment and begin a new life.
  • live roots: expresses the recognition of unconscious processes, but if the live roots are linked to snow or ice, this is an awareness of the spiritual essence of a being, which is a very positive dream for a spiritual person.
  • of a mandrake: represents in the unconscious a magical gateway to understanding the essence of the existence of everything created*29.