The Dream Book of Self-Knowledge


  • from an emotional perspective this is the most important room in a house since in it the dreamer rids himself of the impurities and stench of the material world that come from an attachment to the instinctual level.
  • dirty: threat of fall to the instinctual level.
  • cleaning: in the extent of filth and impurities the unconscious shows the dreamer the amount of cleansing that the dreamer will have to undertake in the near future.
  • a person who locks the bathroom and prevents others from entering: such a person is preventing all emotional experiences and possible cleansing for the sake of an instinctual consciousness.
  • erotic images and sexual scenes in the bathroom: the result of uncontrolled moral cleansing.
  • siblings or other emotional personifications in the bathroom: symbolize the purification of the emotional anima or emotional animus.
  • being built or repaired: symbolizes the dreamer's important work in the transubstantiation of the mind's content for the benefit of emotional perceptions and experiences.
  • a bathroom window: shows the direction for further development or possible clashes with instinctual personifications.
  • see Bathing, see Showering, see Washing.