The Dream Book of Self-Knowledge


  • seeking refuge in a field of growing or mature corn: the attempt to shield yourself with achieved results will lead to stagnation and therefore it is good to leave the refuge of the cornfield and set out toward the path even if it is very dangerous.
  • finding refuge in the canal from the danger of the dream world (alas in this phase the dreamer is usually hiding from emotional and spiritual personifications): the dreamer has successfully, even if only subconsciously, overcome one of the traumas of the birth experience and is trying to uncover another meaning of the prenatal process; see Basic Perinatal Matrix archetype.
  • a refuge from pursuers: expresses the dominant mindset (if the dreamer seeks refuge among animals, then his mindset is instinctual; if he seeks refuge in water, then his mindset is emotional).
  • a refuge from pursuers in a church or temple: "merely" attending church or temple frees the dreamer's mind from unpleasant persecution, this milieu can thus transform the dream's negative action into an alleviating comedy.
  • a barn as a refuge: a negative image in which the dreamer is hiding in the instinctual content of his psyche and does not dare face the threat that would move him to a higher level of experience.
  • on a roof: this image expresses the dreamer's attempt to hide emotions behind rational thinking, thereby justifying his insensitive acts.